8,658 beneficiaries receive 2nd tranche of quake relief fund in Rukum West
Time:2024-06-08 13:18

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By Our Correspondent ,Rukum West, June 8: The second tranche of the fund for the construction of temporary housing has been distributed to the earthquake victims of Rukum West. 

Assistant Chief District Officer Binod Sharma said that after the District Administration Office, Rukum West verified the names of beneficiaries, who have completed the necessary registration process, received the second tranche of the relief fund. 

Assistant CDO Sharma said that the second tranche was released to all 8,658 beneficiaries of Aathbiskot Rural Municipality and Sanibheri Rural Municipality.  The amount was released to all those as per the demand and recommendation of the Rural and Municipal offices of the district, said Sharma. 

According to Sharma, 3,113 beneficiaries of Aathbiskot Municipality and 5,645 beneficiaries of Sanibheri Rural Municipality have received the second instalment. For this, the DAO has released Rs. 216.45 million to the accounts of the concerned municipalities.

Now, the released amount will be distributed to the locals by the concerned municipalities based on the Temporary Housing Construction Subsidy Procedure-2080 and upon the instruction of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority.

 As per the procedure, the victims will get Rs. 25,000 subsidies in the first and additional Rs. 25,000 in the second tranche. 

A total of 32,996 beneficiaries in Rukum West had received the first tranche of the funds for the construction of temporary houses, after a quake on November 3, 2023, hit Jajarkot.


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