China’s initiatives, Nepal’s opportunities: President Dr. Yadav
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China’s initiatives, Nepal’s opportunities: President Dr. Yadav

President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav happily received Xinhua’s exclusive interview on March 18, 2015 before leaving for China to attend Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) 2015 as the state leader of Nepal. Excerpts:

What factors make Sino-Nepal relations successful and satisfactory?

I feel mutual care, trust and respect makes this relationship very special and successful. We have been enjoying uninterrupted good relations since last 60 years. I want to acknowledge to all those visionary leaders of our two great nations who have laid the foundation.

China has contributed immensely in Nepal’s overall development. It has stood with us in our joys and sorrows. We can see China’s support in every sphere of life in Nepal from infrastructure development to trade, commerce, education, agriculture, health, etc. China is not only our neighbor, but also a comrade in arms.

How to further enhance the good relations between China and Nepal?

With the economic reform on both sides, we have greater interactions at various spheres of economic and social life. We should invest more on infrastructure, which is fundamental to ensure connectivity. We also need broader economic architecture to facilitate greater economic cooperation not only between Nepal and China but also in the region at large. To our satisfaction China has already taken lead on connectivity, regional economic architecture and finance.

One-China policy is a very important part of Sino-Nepal relations, China appreciates Nepal’s adherence to this policy.

Nepal’s continuous commitment to the One China policy is the testimony of Sino-Nepal relations based on mutual respect and trust. It is our time tested policy and will continue. This makes our relation friendly, cordial and smooth. A strong, stable and prosperous China is in the best interest of regional and global peace, security, stability and development. As a responsible member of global community, Nepal wants peace and security to address the pressing problems of underdevelopment, inequality and poverty at home. Nepal government is guided by the aspirations of Nepali people for a better world with justice and dignity.

China has many new good proposals for Asia and the world, such as ‘Belt and Silk Road’ initiatives, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), what are your comments on them?

We are happy to note that China has taken lead in creating new economic infrastructure in the region. Many countries of the region and beyond have welcomed these initiatives and shown willingness to be the part of this process.

We have already shown our interest in joining most of these initiatives as we think it will provide us economic opportunity for development.

As far as foreign policy is concerned, Nepal’s two neighbors China and India are placing greater emphasis on its neighboring countries. Nepal is becoming more and more important. What is your comment?

Nepal has been always a meeting point of two great civilizations since millennia. Nepal can be a bridge between these two neighbors for peaceful economic development. In the future, China and India can enjoy closer relations without the presence of Nepal by adopting some sort of mechanism like BRICS. Nepal cannot remain indifferent and wants to best utilize the economic opportunities offered by both China and India. 21st century is going to be an Asian Century, which will be defined by prosperous and developed China and India.

What should China and India do to promote trilateral cooperation in this region?

Trust and confidence is hallmark of such trilateral cooperation and we should create political and economic environment for it. We need to be sensitive of each other’s genuine concerns and collectively forge a common path to prosperity and development.

(The article was published by APD in March, 2015)


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