Eminem shows his comical side in 'Houdini' blooper reel
Time:2024-06-11 14:15

Eminem, while trying superhero roll moves, strictly prohibited fans to try this at home  

Eminem shows his comical side in 'Houdini' blooper reel: Watch

Eminem has shared a hilarious blooper reel from the set of his latest music video, Houdini.

The rapper, 51, known for his daring stunts, took to Instagram to showcase his behind-the-scenes antics, featuring himself performing impressive stunts in a superhero suit.

The clip, captioned "I do my own stunts", offered a glimpse into the Mockingbird rapper's lighthearted and humorous side.

At the beginning of the video, a serious-faced Eminem joked with viewers, "Don't try this at home," before performing small bed jumps and repeated faceplants on the ground.

“Oh, you want me to smack my f***ing face? I can’t control my cape, bro,” he said sarcastically to someone off-camera.

“I cannot be responsible for my cape.”

The video then shows the rapper fumbling and toppling over while attempting—and failing—to climb a wall using a rope.

“Holy s---, it’s actually not easy,” the Just Lose It rapper noted, pretending to be shocked. In another scene, the Recovery rapper attempted a few non-serious superhero tuck-and-roll moves, saying, “You like the roll? I thought I killed it.”

The Grammy-winning rapper finished the behind-the-scenes video by filming a slow-motion boxing sequence with his blonde character Slim Shady.

The camera then switched to the latter, who noted that his shoe came off during the take.


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