PM Hasina, Modi look to deepen Dhaka-Delhi relations
Time:2024-06-10 13:40


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi have expressed their desire to further deepen the existing bilateral relations between the two neighbouring countries in the future.

They voiced their expectations in a one-to-one meeting after the swearing-in ceremony of the cabinet of Modi’s government on Sunday evening, Foreign Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud told a news briefing in the early hours of Monday.

During the meeting, held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the Bangladesh prime minister invited Modi to visit Dhaka at his convenience, Hasan said.

Bilateral relations between Bangladesh and India have reached new heights under the prudent leadership of Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi, he said.

The foreign minister said the two premiers later attended a banquet hosted by Indian President Droupadi Murmu at the presidential palace.

Senior Indian ministers, a Bangladesh delegation, and invited heads of governments and states attended the dinner where they had brief interactions, he said.

Hasan said they also exchanged pleasantries during the reception.

Replying to a query about expectations from each other as the Modi government has run the country for the last 10 years along with Sheikh Hasina's tenure of over 15 years in Bangladesh, the foreign minister said Bangladesh and India have multifaceted relations.

"Many issues are involved when it comes to these two countries. As both the governments continue [their rule], there are some benefits in working together," he said.

The people of both countries are benefitting in terms of different aspects that include connectivity from the friendly relations between the nations, he added.

"Our deep multi-dimensional relations will spread and deepen further in the future," Hasan hoped.

The  Bangladesh prime minister went to New Delhi on Saturday to attend the oath-taking ceremony of the new Indian government at the invitation of her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

Two separate bilateral meetings were scheduled to take place between the Bangladesh prime minister and President of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Indian external affairs minister on Monday morning at her place of residence in New Delhi.

Sheikh Hasina was expected to leave the Indian capital for Dhaka in the afternoon.


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