Local authorities nab MVR 17-mil worth drugs in 2 months
Time:2024-06-07 12:48


Maldives Customs Service, in the last two months, has confiscated 7.840 kilogram of drugs, smuggled through courier and air freight.

The authority confiscated the substances either by inspecting arriving passengers, or parcels couriered to the Maldives.

The estimated street value of all the confiscated substances reach MVR 17,726,000, Customs said, adding the items were confiscated on four different occasions.

Among the confiscated substances includ 5,670 grams of cocaine smuggled to Maldives on April 02nd. Another 180 grams of synthetic cathinones ("bath salts") was nabbed later on April 09th.

On May 05th, another batch of bath salts weighing 1,690 grams was confiscated amid smuggling.

Customs also nabbed 300 grams of heroine being air freighted into the country.

The authority has handed over the confiscated items, and individuals arrested in suspicion for their alleged drug-peddling involvement to Maldives Police Service, for further investigation.

Over the past six months, the authority took hold of 51 kilograms of drugs being smuggled into the Maldives.

Anti-narcotics crackdowns efforts have been solidified more recently, with stronger involvement from relevant authorities coupled with stringent counter measures combatting drug trafficking attempts.

Authorities are also working to counter the entry of drugs through Maldives Post, with significant number of smuggling cases associated to the state-owned company.

The Ministry of Local Government also assured stronger efforts to intercept smuggled drugs via Post as well.


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