South Asia Network TV will broadcasts 2024 Lulang China-Nepal Plateau Dragon Boat Friendship Race
Time:2024-06-09 19:03


Dear viewers! A International Sports Festival 2024 Tibet Linzhi Namcha Barwa Plateau Sports event has attracted the world's attention. China- Nepal Friendship Dragon Boat Race is going to be held in China. To ease you with your approach, South Asia Network TV will be broadcasting the event.


In the fairyland-like Namcha Barwa Plateau in Linzhi, Tibet, athletes from different regions gather here with dreams and passion. In this magical land, they will challenge themselves, break through their limits, show amazing tenacity and hard work.


During the China-Nepal Friendship Dragon Boat Races, the dragon boats will float like arrows on the rippling blue water. Athletes from China and Nepal worked together, rowing bravely to the sound of exciting drums, and sprinted towards the other side of victory. The fierce competition and courage to move forward will definitely excite you.


Against the backdrop of the majestic Namcha Barwa Peak, the athletes' vigorous postures perfectly blend with the magnificent natural scenery, forming a beautiful picture that shocks the soul. Our live broadcast will help you to experience the passionate fighting spirit and the endless charm contained in sports.


Don’t miss this sports carnival! You can watch the live broadcast on June 10, 2024(Tomorrow) in our official website ( The schedule of the event are highlighted below (below mentioned time refers to the timezone of Nepal)

June 10th,2024

07:45 -08:15 - Opening ceremony

08:15-09:15 - Dragon Boat Competition (100-meters Heats)

09:15-09:45 -Traditional Yak Raft Competition

09:45-10:45 - Dragon Boat Competition (200-meters Heats)

10:45-12:15 - Lunch break

12:15-12:45 - Dragon Boat Competition (100-meters Final)

12:45-01:45 -Still water rafting boat competition

12:45-02:15 - Dragon Boat Competition (200-meters Final)

02:45-03:05 - Awards Ceremony

At the same time, water sports yak rafting and paddle board kayaking  will be carried out in the designated non-competition waters of Zatang Lucuo.

Let us witness the spirit of the athletes on the Namcha Barwa Plateau in Linzhi, Tibet, and feel the thrill brought by sports. Let us cheer for them together and enjoy this passionate sports carnival! We look forward to meet you on the live broadcast and start this extraordinary sports journey together.

Link for the live broadcast:



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