Police searches owners of recovered money
Time:2024-05-24 13:01


Maldives Police Service announced looking for the owners of over MVR 7,000 in recovered money, which were confiscated by police in various cases.

The recovered money include cash recovered from public places such as streets, and those confiscated from individuals during interrogations when they failed to provide names of the actual owners of the money. This includes;

  • Galolhu Police Station - A collected MVR 100 bill near Galolhu Police Station on May 16 - Incident No.: 598084
  • Henveiru Police Station - A wallet containing MVR 400 in bills recovered from a taxi on May 13 - Incident No.: 597708
  • Henveiru Police Station - MVR 2,000 collected from Sosun Magu on May 16 - Incident No.: 598104
  • Henveiru Police Station - MVR 4,825 collected near Bank of Maldives (BML) on May 25 - Incident No.: 595728

Police requested the owner of the money collected by Galolhu Police Station to contact 9631596, and to share the information along with the provided incident number. The owner is also requested to visit the station with a document proving their identity to collect the money.

Similarly, owners of the money collected by Henveiru Police Station are requested to contact 9400053, and share their information with the incident numbers, and attend the station with a document verifying their identity to collect the money.

Besides this, police recovered money from Hulhumale' Phase 2 and Hulhule', which are;

  • Hulhumale' Phase 2 Police Station - MVR 100 collected near Hiyaa H04 Tower on May 14 - Incident No.: 597803
  • Airport Police - USD 67 collected near the toilets at the arrival gate of Velana International Airport (VIA) on April 30

The owner of the money collected from Phase 2 is requested to contact 9393351 and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

Additionally, for the money collected from VIA, police requested the owner to contact 9968024 and share the incident number with identification to collect the money.


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