Sagasti is elected as the chairman of the Peruvian Congress to take over as the presidency
Time:2020-11-17 10:06

Xinhua News Agency, Lima, November 16 (Reporter Zhang Guoying) The Peruvian Congress held a plenary session on the 16th, and Congressman Francisco Sagasti was electe


d as the new chairman of the Congress. Sagasti will take over as Peru’s president in accordance with constitutional procedures.

On November 16, in Lima, Peru, Francisco Sagasti delivered a speech after being elected the new chairman of the Congress. (Xinhua News Agency/AFP)

After his election, Sagasti said that Congress and the government will do everything possible to restore hope to the people and show them that the new leadership agency is "responsible and trustworthy."

Sagasti was then sworn in as President of the Congress, and he will be sworn in as Peruvian President on the 17th.

Sagasti, 76, graduated from the National Engineering University of Peru, studied in the United States, and held positions in the Peruvian public sector and the World Bank.

On November 9th, the Peruvian Congress voted to pass the impeachment bill against then-President Vizcarra on the grounds of suspected corruption and removed him from the presidency. Merino, then chairman of Congress, was sworn in as president the next day. The impeachment case and Merino's rise to power triggered a nationwide protest in Peru. The demonstrators expressed dissatisfaction with Congress's removal of Vizcarra and demanded Merino's resignation. During the protests on the 14th, demonstrators clashed with the police. Two people were killed and nearly 100 injured in the capital Lima, which led to Merino, who took office less than a week ago, to resign.

After Merino announced his resignation on the 15th, several congressional leaders, including the then chairman of Congress, also offered to resign. The Peruvian Constitution stipulates that when the President is unable to perform his duties, the Vice President shall take over. Since the post of Vice President of Peru has been vacant since October last year, the post of President will be taken over by the President of the Congress.


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