Nepal Wins the Preliminary round of China-Nepal Plateau Dragon Boat Friendship Race
Time:2024-06-10 14:33


SATV, June 10: On the early morning of the 10th of June, the  preliminary round of "Lulang China-Nepal Plateau Dragon Boat Friendship Competition" was successfully completed. 


Today, in the picturesque waters of Lulang Zhatang Lucuo, the preliminary round of the remarkable "Lulang China-Nepal Plateau Dragon Boat Friendship Race" was held on the land of Tibet.

This festival is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese traditional calendar. It is one of the four majorly celebrated traditional festivals in China.

Seven dragon boat teams from Nepal, Singapore and China launched a fierce competition. Under the support and excitement of Chinese, Nepalese and international tourists, each team showed the charm of dragon boat sports with excellent sportsmanship and tenacious fighting will.


After the powerful and strong competition in the morning, the Nepalese dragon boat team, although it was the first time in the plateau parameters, showed a good competitive level and ranked first among the seven teams in the preliminary round. The team completed the given target under 53.67 seconds leaving everyone behind.

The preliminary round adopted the group stage format, with seven teams divided into two groups.

The seven dragon boat teams participating in this event, namely are Pokhara Association Dragon Boat Team, Singapore SG Dragon Boat Team, China Team Building Alliance Association Dragon Boat Team, Beijing Qizheng Rhodiola Dragon Boat Team, Yunnan West Dian University of Technology Dragon Boat Team, Tibet Bali Bear Dragon Boat Team, Lhasa-Chengdu Family Fun Dragon Boat Team, Linzhi Basongcuo Dragon Boat Team .

With the successful conclusion of the preliminary round, the next competition will be more intense. All the participating teams are ready to show their best in the next finals.

Some other glimpses of the event are:








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