King Charles makes new update amid big changes at royal estate
Time:2024-06-10 13:41

King Charles delights public with new specialty launched at royal estate         King Charles makes new update amid big changes at royal estateKing Charles makes new update amid big changes at royal estate

King Charles is making sure that the he has a feast set out for the public that comes to visit the Sandringham estate, following recent new changes.

The monarch been actively making new plans concerning his royal estates for the past few months including his beloved Sandringham. The King has now introduced a new ‘royal’ item to the menu for the royal restaurant to the delight of the public, via The Sun.

The outlet reported that the estate’s restaurant, in Norfolk, has launched a menu of homemade lamb, beef and venison burgers at the royal restaurant.

“Members of the public can tuck into the £14.50 burgers — served with chips, coleslaw, and a pint of Sandringham IPA or Golden Bitter,” the reported stated, adding that there is also “a plate of three mini burgers for £16.50.”

“Sandringham Farms manage 2,400 hectares of land and eight tenants farm 4,000 hectares,” the restaurant rep told the outlet. “Producing organic meat and a range of crops ensures a quality that remains local and minimises our food miles.”

The update comes just two months after the King launched new plans to meet future demands of the estate.

King Charles applied for planning permission for around 2,000 solar panels on the historic grounds to “meet current and predicted future electricity demands of the Sandringham Estate.”


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