Snap general election to follow presidential election immediately
Time:2024-05-24 13:16


Colombo, May 24 - A snap general election will follow immediately after the presidential elections to be concluded in October, this year, the Daily Mirror learns.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe is reported to have ruled out his intention to declare a snap general election ahead of or during the presidential poll. He has told the Cabinet ministers that a parliamentary election will follow the presidential elections.

It is politically sensible that a snap election will be declared whoever wins the presidential elections in October instead of waiting till the scheduled time for such an election in the

middle of next year.

Any candidate who wins will choose to have a new Parliament with a majority for his party or alliance. It is natural in Sri Lankan political culture for the party that wins presidential

elections to win the general elections that follows.

Last time, the general election was conducted in August, 2020. The Election Commission is bound legally to conduct any election declared in terms of the Constitution. Also, there are

provisions for the conduct of the general and presidential elections simultaneously.

After July 17, the Commission will get the authority to initiate work for the presidential elections with the target of polling being taken on a day between September 17 and October


In a notice signed by its chairman R.M.A.L. Ratnayake, the Election Commission said it will call for nominations to hold the presidential election within the specified timeframe in terms of the provisions of the Constitution.

The Commission is currently making logistical arrangements for the conduct of elections.


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