Chair Oli urges NC to end House obstructions
Time:2024-05-21 16:16


Biratnagar, May 21: UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has urged the major opposition Nepali Congress (NC) to put an end to the ongoing parliament impasse.     

Talking to the media at Biratnagar Airport today, the former Prime Minister and the Chair of the government coalition partner urged the major opposition to cease the party's obstructions in the House bearing in mind the necessity to proceed with the schedules of endorsing the government policies and programmes and announcing the budget for a new fiscal year. "The Nepali Congress should reconsider its stance."     

Underlining the need for political consensus, cooperation, and unity to achieve political stability, the leader said the present time requires political parties to address the citizen's concerns.     

The level of cooperation, unity, and consensus that political parties demonstrated during the promulgation of the Constitution is once again needed, according to him.


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