1,126 forms from atolls to transfer to schools in Male’
Time:2024-05-21 16:05


Education Ministry states they have received 1,126 applications from atolls, requesting admission to schools in Male’ City for the upcoming new academic year.

The initial deadline to submit applications for admission to the Male’ schools expired on May 7th. Another opportunity was opened on May 15th and May 16th.

According to statistics publicized by the Education Ministry, a total of 967 applications were received from atolls, requesting admissions to schools in Male’ City, by the expiration of the initial May 7th deadline. Meanwhile, an additional 293 forms were received on May 15th and May 16th for admissions to schools in Male' City. 

They included 159 applications from atolls and 134 applications from Male’ area, itself.

A total of 4,410 forms were received by the Education Ministry ahead of the new academic year. 1,990 applications were requests to enroll students to grade one following the completion of pre-school and 1,158 applications to change grades.

The new academic year will commence on May 26th. 


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