Embrace OBOR, Welcome President Xi
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Embrace OBOR, Welcome President Xi

About two years ago, after then prime minister and chairman of CPNUML KP Oli’s encouraging visit to Beijing, Nepalis eagerly wanted to know if Chinese President Xi Jinping would come to Kathmandu. In fact, this was the topic of discussion among people in the streets. They wanted to see China’s great leader and the world’s popular politician, this enthusiasm, however, is fading away nowadays. The much expected trip to Nepal appears as distant as ever. Telling the twice-told tale seems something about losing face.

Has Nepal lost its importance for China? Does China have no more a coner in its heart for Nepal? Of course, not! Just like people often say talking the talk is not as good as walking the walk, at present, what China cares most is Nepal’s commitment to wholeheartedly implement the agreements signed by two nations under OBOR framework.

On the eve of his six-day official visit to China, while talking about Nepal and OBOR at his residence, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Krishna Bahadur Mahara honestly told this newspaper that one of the main purposes of his visit was to make clear what China’s concrete plans are.

During Mahara’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing on September 7, FM Wang set an important task list that China and Nepal should make endeavors to complete. With this blueprint, China’s intention and plan is as clear as crystal. Nepal’s ministers and other top leaders now have no reason to run in blinkers and go it blind while seeking to create common ground for cooperation and mutual benefit with China under this creative tested initiative.

From the list shown on this page, for China, all are labor of love. For Nepal, most of them are a labor of Hercules. It is time for wise Nepali politicians to bear the test. In fact, to collaborate with powerful China should be Nepal’s priority, since the country has survived 2015 earthquake and India’s five months long economic blockade in 2015/16. Nepal should be more confident and aggressive.

Based on an open platform concept, the OBOR is considered by some experts as a global tool to ignite Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the new international arena full of scratch-race competition, waiting and seeing is nothing but suicide for any countries. Nepal should be under positive pressure. Delightfully, China is seemingly putting its southern neighbor to every corner of its saddle for a better future.

Chairman Mao once said a revolution is not a dinner party. In this sense, tasty Nepali food may not attract top leaders from China, but historical economic achievements made by intelligent and diligent Nepalis will soon win a historical visit to Kathmandu from Beijing.

(Published by the 42th issue of APD newspaper in September 2017)


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