Netflix taps Timothy Olyphant for Terminator animated series
Time:2024-06-07 12:36

Timothy Olyphant slated to be behind Netflix’s classic series ‘Terminator Zero’     Timothy Olyphant to voice Terminator in Netflixs ‘Terminator Zero’Timothy Olyphant to voice Terminator in Netflix's ‘Terminator Zero’

Terminator is coming to Netflix, and the character has found its voice actor.

Netflix has tapped Timothy Olyphant to voice the classic robot character in its upcoming animated series Terminator Zero.

The streamer revealed the news at its Next on Netflix: Animation event in LA.

According to Deadline, the storyline of the series runs in two different time periods.

In 2022, an infinite army of machines and the few human survivors have been engaged in a conflict for decades. On the other hand, when Skynet, an artificial intelligence, develops consciousness, it starts a war on humans in 1997.

The series, which will land on Netflix on August 29, revolves around a soldier who is stuck between the future and the past, sent back in time to change the fate of humanity.

She time travels to 1997 to defend Malcolm Lee, a scientist working on a new artificial intelligence system to counter Skynet's looming invasion on humanity.

Malcolm is being pursued by a relentless assassin from the future who is trying to change the course of his three children's lives forever as he works through the moral difficulties of his creation.


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