Chinese premier pledges to advance law-based gov't
Time:2024-06-06 11:51


Chinese Premier Li Qiang chairs a themed study session held by the State Council on June 5, 2024. (Xinhua/Yin Bogu)

BEIJING, June 5-- Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Wednesday emphasized the need to enhance the ability to work and address problems in accordance with the law and make solid progress in building a law-based government.

Li made the remarks at a study session held by the State Council.

He called on government officials to raise their awareness of the rule of law and perform their duties in accordance with the law to ensure law-based government work.

He stressed the improvement of legislation to ensure that administrative actions are based on legal grounds, and laws and regulations that do not meet the requirements of reform and development are promptly revised or abolished.

He called for a problem-oriented and responsive approach to legislation in order to help enterprises and the public solve practical issues, as well as an impartial but flexible approach to the enforcement of the law.

Efforts should be made to standardize administrative discretion so that punishment standards for offenses are consistent, procedures are fair, and outcomes are reasonable, he said, also stressing the need to refine the supervision system on administrative powers.

At the session, Ma Huaide, president of the China University of Political Science and Law, gave a lecture, and Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang and He Lifeng, as well as State Councilor Wu Zhenglong, participated in the discussion.


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